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Travis loves and lives with my friend Linda Fellows in Anchorage, AK. I was so blessed to have Travis pick Linda and stay here in this state so I could watch him grow up. He has never met a stranger. He wiggles and can hardly stand still. He is the hallmark of clumbers with a long, low body , a head piece that is superb and a temperament to die for! He possesses a great coat, eyes, bite and is an absolute doll.

Travis is also pointed with a group placement, a CGC certificate and the first Clumber from my breeding to get his Rally Novice title. He is quite possibly the first Clumber Spaniel to earn a HIC.....Herding Instinct Certificate!!!

Travis HerdingTravis Herding

He is currently working on his obedience exercises. You should see this boy, he works like a Rottweiler!

Thank you, Linda, for your hard work, devotion and love of this "special" boy.

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